The Transparent Library: Let’s All Lighten Up

Sometimes, it's simply not easy. When life throws us $4-a-gallon gasoline, rising unemployment, a housing credit crunch, and tight local, state, and federal budgets, libraries feel the pinch.

It's natural for work morale to suffer. Boards and administrators feel pressure to make cuts and increase staff efficiency. Front-line staffers get hit from both sides—supervisors who expect more (and sometimes give less) and users who expect the same services they're used to, plus a smiling face. During times like this, the natural inclination is to “get serious,” push your staff harder, and make every dollar go further.

Yet getting serious is almost always the wrong way to encourage more from staff. Study after study illustrates this, and conventional wisdom reminds us that when work becomes more pressure-ridden, turning up the heat won't result in a more efficient and productive workforce…

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2 thoughts on “The Transparent Library: Let’s All Lighten Up

  1. Leigh

    I think your comments about the “get serious” attitude in libraries is very observant. I am beginning to think I am losing my sense of humor working in a place that is trying to buckle down and spread their resources, especially the human ones, very thin. Your comments are very relevant!

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