ice cubes, chocolate syrup, and a bit of rough play

I read a lot of photography blogs every day and today I ran across this really cool series of videos of young kids testing the durability of the new Olympus Stylus Tough digital camera. They do everything from freezing the cameras in blocks of ice to running over them with their tricycles and dousing them in chocolate syrup — it looks like they had a really fun time. Olympus is to be commended for making and marketing these videos that speak directly to their target audience.

Other videos:

Episode 1 – Playgroundproof
Episode 2 – Icecreamproof
Episode 3 – Fingerpaintproof
Episode 4 – Fishtankproof
Episode 5 – Iglooproof
Episode 6 – Tricycleproof
Episode 7 – WaterTableproof
Episode 8 – Castleproof
Episode 9 – Danceproof