9 thoughts on “50 Reasons Not to Change

  1. Susan

    I like the phrase “Me falta animo” which in other words mean, “I lack spirit” not that I do, but it is an original excuse. Is there a graphic for the one reason to change? Which is really the most important reason.

  2. Michael Casey

    Just got this from Flickr. I have appealed.Dear Michael Casey,We have received a Notice of Infringement from M. PamelaBumsted via the Yahoo! Copyright Team and have removed thephoto “50 Reasons Not to Change” from your photostream.Subsequent NOIs filed against your account will result infurther action that may include termination withoutwarning.If you believe that you were designated by mistake ormisidentification, or if you believe that you have notinfringed the copyright, you may submit a sworncounter-notification as to the mistake ormisidentification. Please contact the Yahoo! Copyright Teamfor more information on this process:http://docs.yahoo.com/info/copyright/copyright.html- Flickr Team

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  4. Kev

    I’ve posted a response to this at The Innovation Diaries. Would love to know what you think!

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