the old Telxon

the old Telxon, originally uploaded by Michael Casey.

These were once a very powerful tool for inventory and for circulation use when our old Dynix installation went down. I can remember the scanning wand being very problematic — you had to hold it at just the right angle to get it to read properly.

4 thoughts on “the old Telxon

  1. Chris B.

    Ah yes, I remember it well and can still feel in in the palm of my hand. You had to hold the wand at a certain angle and push the buttons a certain way, at least on the one’s we used. I can also remember the feeling of victory when one uploaded the data and had it go through successfully the first time. I always had to delete the old transactions because no one else was brave enough. We’ve come a long way haven’t we?

  2. Mark J.

    We’re still using them for inventory. Sad I know. I can’t wait to upgrade to a new system next year.

  3. Michael Casey

    Mark, the funny thing is, ours still work! I think they’re about 12 years old or so and they still work. We used ours up until just a few years ago for in-house surveys — we’d wand materials found out on tables in the library to measure in-house use rates.

  4. Michelle O

    I just gave two of these to my IT guys for the e-waste pile! We used to have Dynix, too, and used them for inventory. Now I have a Palm Pilot thingie for Mandarin.

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