Parents Say Sex Worse than a Severed Head

This is a few weeks old but it just came to my attention and I think it speaks volumes about the current environment towards Internet and gaming content. When parents where asked what was more offensive, a "graphically severed human head" or "a man and a woman having sex", more parents said the sex was worse than the severed head!

Read about it on Wired or at ars technica.

6 thoughts on “Parents Say Sex Worse than a Severed Head

  1. aaron

    i haven’t read the article yet, but i’d be really interested to read the results of this quiz from people broken down by region, and country. i have a feeling it might evidence the USA’s sex hangups.

  2. Angel

    I don’t think it says anything about gaming. What that little snippet may be saying is more about the USA’s sexual hang-ups and repressed attitudes that belong in the 19th century or earlier. When a couple having sex is seen as worse than a severed head (and I am guessing the head was severed violently like in a video game), you got more problems than just a sex scene.I may have to look at the rest of the article.Best, and keep on blogging.

  3. Lori Reed

    Oh I agree this is definietly a USA hangup. I have friends who have been asked to leave restaurants for nursing their babies. But I do have to add that as a society we are becoming numb to seeing graphic violence. Think about the images we see on the news and in movies as well as video games. There are things that shocked me 15 years ago as an EMT that now I don’t blink an eye at.

  4. Amanda

    I agree with Lori. It may be too that the parents assumed “a man and a woman having sex” meant graphic hard-core porn (in which case I would agree with them). It would also be interesting to see some demographics on these parents AND on the ages of their children.

  5. vailey

    thank you for pointing that out, Katrina. Frankly, I find it equally disturbing (though, I suppose, not surprising) that as many people took offense to two men kissing as to the graphically severed head. I think this supports earlier comments that these survey results really are a reflection of American mainstream culture and the dysfunctional (and often contradictory) relationship with human sexuality that characterizes it.

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