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Writing on the Wall: Social Media, the First 2,000 Years

Writing on the Wall Cover ArtTom Standage is a digital editor at The Economist and author of the new book “Writing On The Wall: Social Media, The First 2,000 Years”.

Video: Economist, author interview.

Review: New York Times book review.


Leo Laporte interviews the author on Triangulation:

Computers, the 1980s, and Computer Chronicles

Shortly after I got my first computer in 1982 — a Commodore VIC-20 — I started looking for information regarding games, programming, computer hardware, etc. One of my first dependable sources for information came in 1983 when I began watching a new PBS television show called Computer Chronicles, hosted by Stewart Cheifet.

This week, Cheifet is interviewed on Leo Laporte’s Triangulation. It’s a good interview, with lots of discussion about the early days of personal computer technology. And, if you’re interested in viewing any of the old episodes of Computer Chronicles, you can find them all at the Internet Archive.