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The Hyperlinked Library MOOC: Participatory Service

I had the privilege of speaking with Michael Stephens for his upcoming Fall 2013 Hyperlinked Library MOOC at the San Jose State University, School of Library and Information Science. The topic of our conversation was participatory library service, community engagement, the use of teams, and a few other interesting issues.

mail a real postcard from your iphone

Have you ever stood in front of some great building or iconic scene and wished you had a postcard of it so you could send to your Luddite friends or family? Well now you can, thanks to a new iPhone app from Hazel Mail. For $1 (when purchased in groups of twelve), Hazel Mail will print and mail a postcard and message to pretty much anywhere in the world. It sounds very cool.  Take a look.

iranian revolution of 2009

Having just written about social software and national security, I find the situation in Iran to be rather fascinating. It's amazing to see the huge role that social sites are playing in the 2009 Iranian election and, perhaps, the 2009 revolution.

Social Networks Spread Iranian Defiance Online Iranians are blogging, posting to Facebook and, most visibly, coordinating their protests on Twitter, the messaging service. Their activity has increased, not decreased, since the presidential election on Friday and ensuing attempts by the government to restrict or censor their online communications.

Latest Updates on Iran’s Disputed Election – excellent and very frequently updated coverage from the New York Time's blog, The Lede.

Flickr coverage from mousavi1388 and Dateline: Iran. (Warning: some of the images are graphic and contain violent scenes not suited for some audiences.)

Twitter coverage from mousavi1388.

UPDATE: good photos from .faramarz on Flickr.

UPDATE 6/16 22:38: Lens Blog photo series. Excellent.

Don’t Ask, Don’t…..

Via Library Revolution:

One point that kept coming up at Computers in Libraries is the importance of not asking for feedback unless you actually intend on doing something with it.


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